3 best laptops for photo editing 2016

What is the best laptops for photo editing and photographers ? We are here to help you find that out,so let us get started.

Once photographers moved to using digital cameras the computer became an important tool to edit, and enhance photos so we have to make sure we select the best laptop there is.


First, let me explain what we look for when we are looking to narrow down our choices to only the best laptops for photographers.

Fast processor:

  • Now, a fast processor in 2016 is Core i5, Core i7, AMD 10 or AMD R9.
  • We need one because if we are working on a lot files at the same time or doing heaving editing, the system may lag and slow down, and we don’t want that now do we ?


  • A high ram capacity is important for multitasking.
  • For a photo editing laptop 8 GB of ram should be enough, but if we can will get more.


  • The higher the camera quality the bigger the size of each image will be.
  • There is two type of Hard drives HDD and SSD.
  • SSD is faster, will support multitasking but it is usually higher in cost.
  • HDD is slower but its capacity is usually bigger and lower in cost.
  • There is always the option to add external hard drives, they come with high capacities but also more expensive than normal HDD.
  • The best combination here is a photo editing laptop with SSD to support faster image editing software and copying, and an external hard drive to storage our images after you have turned it into a masterpiece.


  • The resolution of your screen and its size is also important factor when we are looking for the best laptop for photography.
  • The bigger the size the easier it is to edit the images while multitasking.
  • The high-resolution screen will provide more details to your photos and will make it easier to turn it into a real masterpiece.
  • Pixel density is also important here, it will allow up to edit the photos to a pixel level.

Other features:

  • DVD or Blu-ray drive: Somewhat important feature to have if you need to burn photos to a disc once you are done editing.
  • Multiple USB ports is also important: We might need an external hard drive(for photo storage) or/and DVD drive(if we got one without).


  • How important that is comes done to what kind of photographer you are ?
  • Do you specialize in wild life ?Weddings and events?Reporting in war zones ?
  • I will leave that one for you to decide.

Battery life:

  • This one is also up to your preference and how you are planning to use your photo editing laptop.
  • Are you going to use it at home or office where it will be plugged in most of the time ?
  • Will you be on the move with your laptop backpack ?

Is there other features you look for in your computers for photo editing that we did not mention? let us know in the comments, please.

Most professional   photographers will consider Apple laptops to be the go to laptop for photo editing.

We agree, if you have the budget for a Mac laptop, then that will be your best option, but which Mac ?

Mac’s best laptop for photo editing:

Best laptop for photo editing
Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch with Retina display The best photo editing laptop

For professional  photographers, the reason to consider a MacBook Pro is:

  1. It has the best display available hands down.
  2. The performance is consistent, most other manufacturers change the display quality often.
  3. Apple is always improving the color gamut of its display as well as resolution.
  4. The 15 inch screen is big enough for multi-tasking and photo editing.


We Choose it because it met most of our criteria:

  1. i7 Processor, 2.5 GHz Quad-Core(perfect for multi tasking).
  2. 16 GB DDR3L RAM(Very good for photo rendering and editing).
  3. 512 GB SSD(fast and enough storage).
  4. NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Graphics(a nice bonus).
  5. 2880-by-1800 resolution(Talk about editing down to pixel level).

Honorable mentions:

Second Best laptop for photo editing
Apple Macbook Pro 13.3-inch with Retina display Second best photo editing laptop

Everything on this laptop is honed down a little:

  • Less ram(8 GB).
  • Not as strong processor(i5 dual-core 2.9 GHz).
  • Smaller screen(13.3 inch).
  • More lightweight(3.5 pounds).
  • 2560-by-1600 resolution.
  • Lower price tag.

It still meets all our criteria and it is actually a preference if you are going to be on the move more as it will fit in most backpacks and weigh 1 pound less so it will be easier to carry.

Problems with a Mac as a laptop for photo editing:

  1. Having a Mac can be an issue if you are used to a certain photo editing software that only works for Other OS.
  2. If your work station is not a mac moving data over will be a pain.
  3. It need a higher budget, Apple laptops are known to come with a higher price tag.


So, here is our contenders for the best laptops for photo editing with Windows OS:

Best laptops for photo editing first contender (Microsoft edition)

Best laptops for photo editing first contender
Microsoft Surface Book  review


Technically that is 2 in 1 laptop, but that even better, Let us discus the specs:


  • It is 13.5 inch with PixelSense touchscreen display.
  • (3000 x 2000) resolution (which is more than enough for photo editing softwares).


  • There is a lot of customization available the best is Intel Core i7 (if you have the budget).
  • The Intel Core i5 will be enough too since it is 2.4 GHz.


  • There is even more customization here, we can go for 1 TB, 512 GB, 256 GB and 128 GB.
  • I think 128 GB will not be enough, neither will be 256 GB if you have a lot of high res images.


  • It is either 8 GB or 16 GB
  • 16 is better for multi tasking but 8 will be sufficient if you want a more budget friendly option.


  • I think the bigger the storage the more weight it will have but it is not a big difference.
  • it is very light, under 4 bounds for all options.

Important cons:

  • Some owners complaint that the track pad sometimes would act strange and don’t respond well for few seconds.
  • Some also complained that sometimes the laptop would go into sleep mode for no apparent reason, a quick restart usually fix that but still, it is rather annoying for the amount your paying for the device.
  • It is not cheap, if you go for best specs it will be around 2800 USD maybe more.

Best laptops for photo editing second contender:

Best laptop for photo editing
ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH74 review

Reason we choose it: Mid range priced laptop for photo editing, let us get to specs:



  • 17.3 inch with 1920 x 1080 resolution.(pretty good but there is better)
  • Matte FHD display(you will not see any sort of glare).
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB VRAM graphic card.


  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ 6th-generation with 2.6 GHz.
  • Strong enough for both single threading and multi tasking.


  • 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD (fastest HDD on the market).
  • 128 GB SSD (will even provide more speed when you are copying files and images).


  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM(more than enough for a photo editing laptop, even panoramas).


  • 6.6 pounds(a little on the heavy side but it is worth it with the power that it has).


  • Seamless One-Piece Keyboard, Strengthened.
  • red-backlit keys with 1.8 mm of key travel.
  • SonicMaster and AudioWizard for superior audio experience.
  •  Easily Upgradeable (for more memory and storage).


  • A lot of bloatware (can be installed but it will take time ).
  • Depending on your usage the battery life might be a disappointment (around 3.5 hours on max usage)

Side note:
A smaller and cheaper one is available (read the reviews here), it has the same resolution on a smaller screen which is even better.

Best laptops for photo editing Third contender:

Best laptops for photo editing number 3
Acer Aspire V15 Nitro 2016 review



This is the most economical choice on this list, so let us discus the specs:


  • 15.6 Inch, Full HD, with IPS technology.
  • (1920 x 1080) resolution with TN Display technology.
  • Comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2 GB Memory.


  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHZ(quad core will be great for multi tasking).
  • Can turbo it to be 3.6GHz


  • No customization available , comes with 1 TB of storage(deemed sufficient).
  • 5400 RPM (not the fastest, but it is 2nd best for the price).


  • 8 GB ram available with DDR3L SDRAM (very good for multi tasking).
  • Upgradeable to 16 GB max (2 slots available).


  • Under 5.5 pounds(not the lightest laptop but not too heavy to be portable).


  • LED-backlight keyboard with 10-Keypad & Precision Touchpad.
  • Media card reader
  • Integrated Speaker, Integrated Microphone


  • All ports are on the same side, so if you use a lot of ports this can be a little annoying.
  • Some people reports mild issues with the WiFi from time to time, but nothing too serious.
  • A lot of bloat ware that might slow down the device, but all are easily removed.
  • If used for extensive gaming the laptop will heat up a little.

So that is it, this is our list of best laptops for photo editing, Do you think there should be more or have other competitors ? let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page, and we might add another laptop along with your name on it 😀

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