Best Bass Headphones to buy (top 5)

Best Bass Headphones

In choosing the right headphones what are the things to look for? In the market, headphones come at different prices, styles and models from different brand, so this can pose quite a difficulty for you in making the right choice, that being said the intended use can be a can be of great help in narrowing your search.

Sometimes we go for headphones that are endorsed by celebrities but the bottom line is understanding the specification that comes with the headphone of your choice. Getting the best headphone requires you to check the quality of sound, bass production is very important for some, portability, weight, comfortability and the complete range of production that emphasizes the level of accuracy.

What is your choice of headphones? Are you looking for a headphone that can be used just for casual listening of music or you’re looking for that headphone that offers the best to enhance your studio experience? The following qualities below will help you stay informed on what to look for, how they apply to the various types of headphones, this will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to choose the best model for your purpose.

What to look for in choosing the best bass headphone

Closed or open back

This feature describes if the back part of the earcups on the headphones are either open or closed (sealed).

Headphones with closed back give good noise isolation, and they generally give more powerful sound just like what you get from in-ear earphones. For the Open back headphones there tend to be more sound leakage. With the open back you can hear the background noise, for audiophiles these headphones gives a more natural sound.


The driver is what creates sound within a headphone, it forms the very important part and it is involved in the conversion of electrical signal to sound pressure.

The driver consists of voice coils, diaphragm, and magnets and can be of various types. When looking at the headphone specifications, the driver describes the diameter of the diaphragm in millimeters. The general rule is (not always true), the larger the driver, the better the sound, especially for overall bass performance. On over-ear headphones, a driver of 40mm or perhaps larger is a good bet.


Impedance is a measure the level of electrical resistance and is displayed in Ohms. In more simple terms, a higher impedance means more resistance, which means it requires more power to drive the headphones.

Headphones designed for mobile devices generally have a lower impedance (below 32 Ohm), so they use much less power. High-end and pro-quality headphones have very high impedance (300 Ohm or more), and require a dedicated amplifier to power them.

The drawback to lower impedance headphones is that, while they use a lower voltage, they require a higher current.

Noise Cancellation

Noise-cancelling headphones possess embedded microphones and electronic chip that record background noise, then creates inverse sound wave that helps to effectively cancel out the sound.

It works best for constant, low frequencies, and is less effective for mid-range frequencies and over. So, if you’re on an airplane traveling, this helps to greatly reduce the engine noise. The effectiveness of noise cancellation varies substantially from one headphone model to the other.


When choosing a headphone comfort is an important factor to have in mind. Headphone, when worn for short period, could feel good but when worn for longer periods some of them could become uncomfortable. Trying the headphones for few minutes can help you make up your mind on comfortability.  When buying sealed-back headphones the larger the earcups the better the sound. If you are thinking of going for headphones that rest in your ear, smaller earcups can be a good choice, the fabric padding or leather-based can soften the pressure.


Weight is an important factor to consider if you are considering using your headphones for a long period of time during your activity. Lighter headphones are more comfortable when listening to headphones for a long period of time. For a longer listening periods, the super-light portable headphones that come with foam pads are ideal.


Cost is important to consider when you’re buying headphones. It’s necessary to talk about price in the framework of headphones. Not all headphones offer the same sound quality. It would be unfair to compare a headphone of $250 directly with another of about $50.


The length of Cables is important dependent on your intended use. You should avoid an exceptionally long wire if possible because it can adversely affect sound quality by decreasing volume and introducing noise, as well as being more easily twisted. A good quality pair of headphones will likely have a protected cable which minimizes noises.

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Here are a few bass headphones to choose from;

Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2

If you’re looking for a push in your bass experience headphone might be perfect for you. You won’t have to worry about comfort and ease thanks to the padding on the earcups and the headband, and they also may fold down nicely intended for travel. They come with 53mm drivers in each earcup that were specially designed for the environments that DJs work in. It’s hard to hear the lower end of your music within a loud setting, and Audio-Technica took that into account when making these. The design style closed-back, emphasis on bass, and swivel earcups make them perfect for DJ’s sure, but they also make them a good pair of headphones for anyone who likes a stronger bass. Like most Audio-Technica headphones, these come with two detachable 1.2m cable (coiled and straight). Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones have about 150 reviews on, the rating is quite amazing.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

If you prefer a pair of headphones that are proficient at everything, check out the V-Moda Crossfade M-100. On the outside of the earcups have interchangeable metallic plates referred to as shield that V-Moda sells individually with a few different designs. However, the main purpose is to support and passively block outside sound. They let you focus on what is most important which is the sound. Each earcup has a 50mm driver which gives the M100s a remarkable sound throughout the range. When not in use you are able to fold them at the handles and toss them inside the travel case that comes with it. The V-Moda Crossfade M100s come in four different color options. This headphone has well over 1,500 reviews on Bass heads and audiophiles definitely find something to like about these headphones.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Beyerdynamic has consistently made great quality headphones to offer both audiophiles and the person with average skills. But the Custom One has something for both category of users, so if you need accuracy at home and good bass while on the go they are perfect for you. What makes these headphones so unique is actually a small slider on the bottom from the earcup that lets you choose between four different sound experiences: mild bass, linear, vibrant striper, or heavy bass. These headphones are quite versatile as your music taste. Besides having a pretty customizable sound, you can also personalize the way your headphones comes in a range of colors to choose from. In addition to that, you can also replace the ear canal and headband pads in case you get bored with the ones offered with, these are not very expensive, they are definitely worth the price because of how much quality you may get out of them. buy now on Amazon.


Occasionally you just want to strap tiny subwoofers to your head and call it a day. If that seems like something you would enjoy, then your JVC HA-SZ2000 headphones are the most effective for you. The design doesn’t seem like anything special, but it’s the build quality that makes it for bass. These really do come with an insane bass, but you will not hear any annoying noise regardless of how hard your volume range. The build is solid. Though with high bass, this doesn’t undermine the low end. The HA-SZ2000s exercise control of every aspect of the low end. Comfort should not be a problem either since even though these are a fairly large set of cans, they have equally huge padding made of synthetic leather. If you find yourself needing these to become a little more compact you can always collapse them at the hinges too. If you consider yourself a bass head, you have to give this a try.Buy now on Amazon

Beats Studio 2.0

You know we cannot talk about bass without mentioning a Beats product. Beats is a name that usually comes up when discussing headsets with a strong bass. It is unarguable that the Beats brand does not put an emphasis on the low end, but this can be the best if that’s how you choose to listen to your music. More bass is more fun, and if you need a booming bass you would probably wish for Beats Studio 2.0. They have adaptable noise canceling built in a way to remove most of the annoying sounds you may encounter on flights or public transportation. You can fold them at hinges simple storage. The Battery life is about 20 hours when being used. There is a built-in mic for calling, and a few handy controls built into the headphones. You probably don’t need to be told but if you desire a strong bass in your headphones, then Beats is the best option, it comes with 11 variant color designs. It has is a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

So here it is the best Bass Headphones for all gamers and music lovers out there, tell us what you think in the comment sections below, and share it will your music lovers friends.

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