Best Bluetooth Speakers under $50

Best Bluetooth Speakers under $50

In more recent times it seems we could improve our audio experience from devices like smartphone, laptop computer or tablet with a lightweight bluetooth speaker. Before now you are able to only get this accessory costing you well over $100, these days you don’t need to spend that much if you want to get a better sound. That is why we are going to be reviewing best bluetooth speakers under $50.

Why buy a bluetooth speaker:

If you want a quick and easy way to experience music at the go or at home nothing beats the convenience of the bluetooth speaker. Simply by recharging the speaker, have it paired to your device, and you will be able to play your entire music collection wherever you choose.
But not all bluetooth speakers are made equal, and with that in mind we are looking at a listing of top picks for the best bluetooth speakers under $50. Many are rugged, some are stylish, but all of them are well worth a place in your collection.

What to look for in the best bluetooth speaker:

When you’re shopping for the best bluetooth loudspeaker there are four things should come to mind; portability, ruggedness, battery strength, and sound quality. That at heart, you look for a Bluetooth speaker that may be rugged. One that is able to endure falls and water because you’ll likely want to take it to the beach or by pool. There are many cheap bluetooth speakers on the market. And by being cheap I mean both in price and quality. And not just implying sound quality. You’ll want a bluetooth speaker that will last long or perhaps last for a few years. And one which won’t fall apart by putting it into a bag.

Likewise, make sure you get a Bluetooth speaker that can be charged by microUSB. And if you’re an Android user, you’ll be able to charge your phone and you bluetooth speakers from the same cable.

The budget Bluetooth speakers we are considering here won’t create concert-quality sound, but they will give you a better audio experience than is achievable from your device.

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Creative Muvo Mini

If you want a budget Wireless bluetooth speaker, then the Creative Muvo Mini is the one to buy.

It’s not tough nowadays to find a Bluetooth speaker filled with desirable features like complete sound, weather-proofing and a good-performing battery, but for the most component the options capable of all those feats won’t be cheap. Which where Creative’s Muvo Tiny comes in to play.

For $49, this speaker handles each one of these impressive feats, wiping the ground clean of the competition along the way. It would be enough to suggest it based on its low price alone, but it’s actually an excellent all-around speaker, so there is that too.

JBL Clip 2

The JBL clip 2 is budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker device that gives solid sound performance and it’s supremely lightweight, with outdoor design. Anyone trying to find massive bass response will have to spend more money on a larger speaker, the Clip 2 is all about portability, and it is skillfully designed to accompany you on trips, no matter where you going. It has a water-proof case which means you can use it at the poolside, and you can also strap it on your backpack for a walk. There’s a built-in audio cable for wired listening. If you are looking for solid audio with great performance you can easily take anywhere, JBL clip 2 is the best bet.

The Clip 2 delivers a decent sense of bass depth for its size, but can start to teeter on the edge of its top volumes. For any speaker this size and price, however, the Clip 2 does a laudable work of conveying low frequencies.

Motorola X Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth NFC Wireless Speaker

The X Sol Republic speaker’s slimness makes it easy to slip into a handbag for on-the-go use. It gives great sound quality for its size, has a “multiuser” Heist setting, NFC tap-to-pair support, and a built-in speakerphone, and comes with a simple but good carrying case. It can also stream sound from up to 300 ft away from your device, very much farther than other Bluetooth speakers. While it’s priced at $50 high, the X Sol Republic is an attractive portable wireless speaker that delivers decent sound, a great feature set, and outstanding bluetooth range.

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker

This small Bluetooth speaker by AmazonBasics is cute, compact, and splash-resistant. It has a built-in mic for making phone calls, and includes a battery that lasts approximately six hours on a charge. A silicon handle enables users to conveniently connect the speaker to a back pack, a bike, or even a stroller. It possesses excellent bluetooth connectivity and connects to any bluetooth gadget at 30 feet selection.

Anker Soundcore Sport XL  

There’s are ton of inexpensive bluetooth speakers, but the question is, are most of them waterproof? Do they really sound good? It turns out that how much you spend on a thing is related to how good you think it really is. With that in mind, plenty of people, actually loved the Soundcore Sport XL by Anker. It is only about $45 and it is IP67 certified so you can submerge it in up to a meter of water. The bass radiator is uncovered on the back again for a little extra low-end, but it doesn’t get in the way of anything at all of the other frequencies for the most part. It has a 15 hour battery life and its size is small enough to fit nicely in a backpack. General, this is a solid all-around decision for a bang for your buck speaker.

Side note: it was on a big discount at the time of writing this article so it could change in price at any point.

CB3 Audio Ultra Slim

The CB3 Ultra Slim are available for less than $40 and as thier name implies, is super slim. If you just want something which comes with a cheap price that you can easily slip in your pocket, this might be for you personally. Other than being slim, it still has some other features which makes it worth the price and a portable choice.

For one, it has a passive bass radiator that makes it really entertaining to look at. Sure it helps with the low-end, but pulling it out of your pocket in a party is a feature by itself. It has an aluminum covering which means it’s also fairly durable.

We wouldn’t precisely consider it rugged, but it might survive the average accidental drop from time to time. Of course one thing any phone speaker this size is not going to perform is shake the room with bass, but it is quite decent considering its size. Battery life is about 8 hours so although you might need to charge it after a day’s use, but you can be assured that it’ll at least last you a few hours. They come in three colors that match your computer or phone, so if you are all about color coordinating this may make you happy.

DKnight MagicBox II

If you’re looking for the best bluetooth speaker to enhance listening to that channel, playing in a workshop, or entertaining the kids, the DKnight MagicBox II delivers by far the very best sound that can be heard in a Bluetooth speaker for less than $35. It has a fairly natural, total sound for a speaker in the price range, with sound high in volume enough to fill a good-size living room. It runs for 13 hours on a charge, has above-average Bluetooth range, and features a speakerphone function that works very well.

Aukey SoundTank

The Aukey SoundTank has rugged body with and a water-resistant design. Other important features of the speaker consist of stellar sound quality with profound bass delivery, 30-hour battery-life. This little-known weatherized loudspeaker has all the features you’ll be wanting, and it may sound better than competition.

You might not be familiar with the brand, however, you won’t complain about the feature set or the top quality of sound this small portable speaker puts out. You may use it as a speakerphone; it has a threaded mount hole that you can attach it to a tripod or clamp it on your bicycle’s handlebars or with a third-party accessory; and it’s weatherized to withstand the elements.
Comes for an affordable price of about $40 and the sound quality certainly you may live with. It has high-speed from the SK-M12’s Bluetooth pairing.

Photive Hydra

The Hydra is made tough, its IPX66 ranking means it’s waterproof, shock-proof, dust proof, and can withstand being submerged in water. Covered in a rubber enclosure, this unit can handle a drop or two as well. But without life vocals, limited treble and little bass, it can match any other bluetooth speaker with its audio quality. It can play for only eight hours on a full charge and it has advanced wireless bluetooth technology that consumes less battery and delivers the very best of sound. This product has a lot of reviews on amazon which means it is a very popular choice and comes at a cost of $40 after a big discount, so again the price is always subject to change.

Logitech X100

The X100 is one of the best micro bleutooth speakers in existence. While the sound is good for its class, ultimately you should want to pick it over its competitors because of its design and maybe because it only costs around $23 right now. The Logitech X100 is a small, quite sizable wireless bluetooth speaker that has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that last for about 5 hours while offering decent enough sound because of its size. It’s nicely designed, has speaker phone capabilities, and more to 30 feet wireless bluetooth connectivity.

So that is it, this is our collection of best speakers under 50 dollars, what do you think ? which did you buy ?

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