Best Computer Speakers under 100

Best computer speakers under a $100

Most computers or laptop computers today have some sort of built-in speaker for sound production, it’s usually better to buy a separate and even more clearly defined speaker system. Computer speakers are used by most people for gaming, listening to music and also getting that good surround sound when watching that movie. Computer speakers can also be a great addition when trying to sync that audiophile footage to give you the best quality of sound. Regardless of what your desire and preference are in getting a perfect sound, you will find that computer speaker that suite your budget and design for your home and office.

Having a set of computer speakers offers you better and richer sounds compared to the speakers built into your gadget, plus overall enhancing the entire audio in all your endeavors.

Here we are looking at list that may help you buy the best computer speakers under $100. By looking at reviews, performance and features that comes with each product we consider this could help you making the decision on which to buy. Getting the best computer speaker under $100 can prove to be very difficult. Considering the fact that there are myriads of computer speakers in the market to select from, but our interest is helping you make informed decision that will guarantee you the best.

Keep reading to make the best buying decision on the best computer speakers under a $100 to choose from in the market today.

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List of best computer speakers under 100 dollars:

Logitech Z623 200 Watts Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

This Logitech Z623 is a 2.1 speaker system, it is attractive and delivers a massive 200 Watt sound with a separate bass control for the subwoofer. The power button, quantity knob, and bass button are found on the right speaker, and is connected to the left with a cable.

This speakers is definitely spot on, and the speaker materials resists vibration even when the speakers are at their loudest. The three speakers have grasping rubber feet and a little overall footprint.

This speaker is THX-certified, the sound from this speaker is phenomenal, with clean high notes and a warm mid-range. Actually at very high volumes, they will suffer from little to no harmonic distortion. The speakers also offer sturdy sound staging, with more stereo separation than you might expect of a pair of desktop audio system.

The 7-inch driver on the subwoofer puts out a rich bass sound, which usually nicely complements the obvious high end. The bass may overpower some frequencies when it is turned up too high, but the separate control knob makes it easy to guarantee the subwoofer is complementing and never outdoing the song by itself.

The larger speaker will always provide a better frequency response, but the Z623 gives a more compact design without heavily compromising clarity of sound.

Deep Sonar Arion Legacy 550

The Arion Legacy 550 from Deep Sonar is a stylish and powerful set of 2.1 computer speakers that delivers a completely power packed audio experience for under hundred buck. Every element of this speaker from its build quality, to audio, to control scheme is designed for an excellent user experience, and that is exactly what you get with these types of speakers.

The Arion Legacy 550’s casings are made from wood that feels lighter, yet doesn’t rattle or reduce the audio at all. Both satellites and subwoofer almost all have a nice metal grill having a stylish blue trim.

The only part that doesn’t feel top quality are the wires that hook up the speakers, which are fairly flimsy. But this are removable and can be replaced.

The Arion Legacy 550 comes with one of the nicest desktop control boxes. This control station includes a power button, an input switch, EQ and volume level knobs, a microphone jack port, a USB port, and a headphone jack.

With regards to audio, these speakers will be surprisingly impressive. The 86 Watt unit has just enough power for a sufficient maximum volume, and the frequency response is even and very clear.

Though they are a less popular company, Deep Sonar provides some impressive computer sound equipment at a great worth. The 550s may not be the nicest speakers out there, however they deliver a great experience to get its price.

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Despite the fact that the GigaWorks T40 Series 2 does not have a subwoofer, this audio stands out and its two high satellite speakers deliver the full-range of sound expected an excellent audio playback.

In case you desire a nice sounding system that takes little or no space, the T40 speakers is your best pick. It offers the best appearance for a computer speaker.

When it comes to appearance, they are like a hybrid between computer speaker systems and bookshelf speakers. The three-driver configuration with weaved fiberglass cones looks extremely classy from the front.

Regarding sound, the T40 loudspeakers are clear and accurate. These speakers have excellent imaging capabilities, which is something that matters a lot when you are sitting just two to three feet from your music source.

The highest frequencies could be a bit bright depending on what type of music you are playing, but this is easily repairable with the EQ knobs around the right speaker.

The dome tweeters really bring out snares, cymbals, and other percussion strikes, but the overall sound continues to have a nice sense of stability.

These tall desktop audio speakers are a fraction of the price on most bookshelf speakers, but the audio is just as good. If 2.0 system fits the sound and space needs, then the T40 speakers are a great choice.

Altec Lansing VS4621 Octane 7

At just $69, the VS4621 Octane 7 is the most expensive in Altec Lansing’s line of computer speaker system, and that alone can be a little bit scary. But despite the budget price, these Altec speakers offer a fairly good sound in a compact package.

The first thing you’ll notice on the system is that they have a very peculiar physical proportions. Each satellite speaker contains a tower of tweeters, with a conical base below. The best speaker has a volume control this also doubles because power switch, plus treble and bass knobs for fine-tuning equalization.

But the reason these speakers are so strangely shaped is that they each house a downward-firing midrange speaker, which in turn acts as the sonic glue towards the highs and lows from the audio.
The mids and highs are neatly segregated, with highs resting sharpened and sleek on top of a warmer mid-section.

The six and a half-inch subwoofer packs a serious strike, and will eat away in the detail in your midrange unless you turn it down a bit. The clarity from this device is exactly what you might expect for the cost.

You wouldn’t know of the quality just by looking at this strangely-designed product, but Altec Lansing provides a wonderful home audio setups. The build quality on the Octane 7 is quite durable, so this modest 28 Watt package can serve you for quite a long time.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP

For those wanting a 2.1 setup at a budget price, the CA-3602FFP coming from Cyber Acoustics is a functional option. Cyber Acoustics made a number of budget 2.0 systems, but the 3602 appears to represent the best bang for your buck out of their amazing selection.

The satellite speakers is compact and small, and have a nice control console with a headphone plug, auxiliary port, plus volume and power controls. Their casing is real top quality.

The speakers have a decent level of clarity. The levels and high-mids are a favorite part of the sound. For a 35 Watt system, they can be pretty loud without having distortion, but a high roof or large room can eat up this volume considerably.

ٍSo, this is it, this is our list for best computer speakers for under 100, which one did you like the most and which one did you end up buying ? let us know in the comments section below.

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