Best Ergonomic Mouse: buying guide and best 5

 We all know that there are various kinds of mouses available and different brands as well but there are features that makes some special, different from every other mouse available.
Now, you might interested in getting an Ergonomic Mouse but there are plenty of choices to choose from that it makes you confused as to which Mouse you have to get so that your needs are fulfilled.
We, right here, will be providing you with some information to the decision easier as well as a list of 5 best Ergonomic Mouses available, So, Let’s get started-

What to look for to decide the Best Ergonomic Mouse:


Contrary to what girls say size does matter a lot (cheap shot?) as there are different mouses that have different sizes and there are the ones that don’t fit your hand or the palm so there is this uncomfortable feeling while using one.
Mouses that too large or too Small can force you to stretch or cramp your tendons naturally. So, Size matters a lot when It comes to buying an Ergonomic Mouse.


Weight of an Ergonomic Mouse is a kind of personal taste. Some prefer to have a heavy mouse while some prefer to have a light. Choose the one that just fits your need.

Thumb Rest:

Most of the Ergonomic Mouse come with a Thumb Rest. It’s a place in the Mouse where you can rest your Thumb while using. Now, these Thumb Rest places are made of different materials, depending on the Company what they use. Each Ergonomic Mouse offer a kind of comfort to the Thumb that the users always need.
So, while choosing an Ergonomic Mouse, do consider the material of the thumb rest to see if it feels good on your Thumb while you are using it.


Whether you are doing big or small tasks, precision is always a big matter. While your arm is big and powerful, It is not made for special tasks. When you are buying an Ergonomic Mouse, you always have to check out for the Precision so that you don’t have to do the struggle while working with it. An Ergonomic Mouse always has precision but every other Mouse is different so Always check for that.

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5 Best Ergonomic Mouses to buy:

1. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse:

The Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse is one of the best and top rated ergonomic mouse by customers reviews. Customers have been pretty much satisfied with this Mouse. It is also the one of the best selling and the most popular ergonomic mouse sold by Logitech.
When you see the Logitech Ergonomic Mouse for the first time, you are going to fall in love with it. Only because of its great design. You must tire of the fact that you have to change the batteries of the Mouse every time? There is a solution to this too. You can use the Mouse up to 18 months without charging the Mouse. The Mouse functions almost precise 100% of the time because of the Laser Technology.
So, It doesn’t matter If you are in Bed, Desk or in Couch, this mouse will work just fine.

2. Etekcity Scroll M910:

This mouse is another Ergonomic mouse but it isn’t as vertical as you would see in the pictures online. It has been ranked as 2nd on our list which shows how much confidence the customer have in the Mouse. It has a 33 Feet of wireless distance, up to 2400 DPI, 9 different buttons and is suitable for both computer users and gamers. It also comes with an extensive 1 Year warranty. It can be used both on Windows and on Mac. It is supported by 2.4G wireless technology which makes easy for you to connect this Mouse easily with any other devices. There are 9 button functions that can help you operate this Mouse. The Etekcity Scroll M910 has a thumb rest that comes with the rubber grip for more comfortable and pleasant experience.

3. Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse:

The Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse is one of the kind and has state of the art mouse technology that would make you happy and proud just by using it. You must be tired by using a Mouse on different surfaces and would have given you different results, right? On some, the Mouse might have worked just fine while on some the cursor wouldn’t even move. Well, this isn’t the case with the Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse.
The ergonomic mouse has a very light and slim design, so It is easy for you to carry anywhere. Now the big plus point in this mouse is the feature of the BlueTrack Technology, this feature makes the mouse work on different surfaces, doesn’t matter If it’s on soft, rough or hard.
It is very portable. It has a Nano Transceiver for wireless freedom.

4. Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse:

You might have been in a position where you might have to change the batteries of the Mouse. You might have forgotten to switch off the Mouse and after a while when you come back, the Mouse’s battery is dead, you will have to change the batteries, right?
Well, this isn’t the case with the Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse.
It has a great feature where it automatically switch off just after 8 minutes. Such smart technology gets you a much better battery life and in turn it saves you money on battries.
It is also pretty cheap and It’s unbelievable that one gets the automatic turn off the feature for this price.
You can get this Mouse in Wired and Wireless Versions. It isn’t some ordinary mouse but It is a mouse that has 5 buttons!
We want to thank Anker for their creation, They have made something that is perfectly well for Games and PC Users. You can use this Mouse from another room too and miss with some friends or family because you can use this Mouse from 10 meters.

5. Evoluent Vertical Mouse:

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is a USB Wired Mouse that would perfectly fit on your hand and you would probably love it.
This is a great Ergonomic Mouse that really helps your hand relax and it will for sure save some stress on your hands, wrists, and elbows.
It is being considered as one of the best ergonomic mouse as it is easy to use and it comes with an adjustable option sensor. Now, the thumb is usually left alone while working on a Mouse, so being idle, the thumb tires, but thankfully this one comes with a rest for your thumb.
This Mouse costs a bit more than the others but It is a great option for causal and hardcore gamers.

So that is it, that is our list, if you think that we missed a good one let us know in the comments section and if you already have one of those tell what do you enjoy most about them.

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