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In creating your PC gaming setup, you know how important you should go for the best gear. Your mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse are there to optimize your game play, but the question now is what about your mousepad?
Most players tend to concentrate on buying major gaming gadgets. However, some of the small things such as a gaming mousepad are often forgotten. A gaming mousepad may be regarded as unimportant, but for a professional getting the best gaming mousepad is very important. This accessory is very important in ensuring smooth gaming and also keeping your mouse in the good condition for a very long time.

Though a good mousepad can be an addition to your setup, it can help decrease tension on your wrist whilst gaming and improves mouse button tracking. But choosing the right size and texture of your mousepad requires a lot of consideration. The question usually is a fiber surface much better than a plastic one? Would a large mousepad be of better quality than the usual smaller one?
It is necessary to keep in mind that any mice is very sensitive and delicate, which means that it can very easily draw some dust particles towards the interior through the under component. It may also ruin its optic part hence reducing the sensitivity to the surface. All of this can in some ways limit your game playing experience. To ensure that your mouse operates optimally when gaming, you should consider investing on the best gaming mouse pad. A great mouse pad will not cost much but it will go quite a distance in making your gaming experience enjoyable and also making your mouse last longer.
If you’re going to spend $50 or more in a wonderful gaming mouse, it won’t hurt to spend just a little bit more for a superb mouse pad to go with this. While mouse pads are not necessarily the absolute necessity now, they were back in the days of ball mice, they still provide a comfy, streamlined surface that won’t wear out your mouse or have it too dirty over time.
Trying out your chosen mousepad is a way of confirming that your required qualities are present like texture, size and shape are very important. If you discover that the selected mousepad is usually not close to your specs, then you can always change.
In other to give gamers an enjoyable gaming experience, companies like Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer and smaller companies make their own mousepad. Here is a list of the best gaming mouse pad you can find on the market today:

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Razer Firefly

The Razer Firefly is uniquely designed, one of the best RGB mouse pad. The Razer Firefly is the only RGB mousepad that is available for sale at the moment. The Firefly is definitely an electronic mouse pad with a hard surface and LED lights around the edges, with full Chroma capabilities (16. 8 million colors). When it is combined, the mousepad syncs with other Razer Chroma peripherals, like the DeathAdder mouse and BlackWidow keyboard, to show intricate color patterns.

Outside its initial appearance, Razer’s RGB mouse pad is more than just a lightshow. It features a hard surface that uses a comparable micro-textured finish like Razer’s other hard mouse patches. This gives the Firefly a similar level of speed and accuracy one would expect in a top quality gaming mousepad. The LED’s is gorgeous as well as the hard surface lets the mouse button glide across it with very little resistance. The only bad thing is the introduction of another USB cable that needs to be plugged in, but it’s just a small price to pay for a 24-hour party on your table.
The Razer Firefly offers generally positive reviews. A lot of people compliment the delightful Chroma colors and smooth performance, however the price some say is just too much to ask for a mousepad whose only claims to fame is colored light.

Corsair MM600

The Corsair MM600 is a hard mousepad and features something to please just about any sort of gamer. Its reversible design enables players to switch between a smooth surface area and a rough, just by flipping it over. Four rubber nubs at each edge of the mouse protect keep it firmly in place, no matter what side is up.
Those who purchase the Corsair MM600 generally like it, Gamers love the dual abilities, and find that they get to make use of both the easy and coarse options. Additionally they like the large size, the top quality materials, the reliable Corsair brand and how well functions with all kinds of mice.

Corsair MM300 Extended

If you’re the kind of PC gamer that work with lowered DPI and sensitivity settings, you probably give your wrist quite a level of workouts. With all the massive mouse movements necessary to make those precise headshots in game, an oversized mousepad is a comes in soft cloth type, the extended mousepads is designed to run all the way throughout your desk with adequate room for both your keyboard and mouse.
While it may seem pointless to place a stationary keyboard on top of a mousepad, these over sized pads are about uniformity. By putting your keyboard on the same surface level as the mouse with enough room for both, you never have to worry about running low on space for your mouse. This is particularly important because lifting the mouse off of the mat to create multiple movements instead of a single sweeping motion wastes time and affects accuracy. It is over three feet in length, and it is the very best mousepad in the category is Corsair’s MM300 extended.
The MM300 is Corsair’s premium line of cloth mousepads featuring a nonslip rubberized base, stitched edges to avoid fraying and a firm thickness of 3mm. This version of extended mousepad is the largest available and made to fit even the biggest gaming keyboards with plenty of space to spare. When used with a compact, ten-keyless keyboard, the top area for the mouse looks almost infinite.
Like the majority of cloth mouse pads, the MM300 Extended features a clean, textile-weave design that guarantees gliding a mouse around its surface feels like trimming through butter. If you like to move your mouse all the way across the desk or simply a couple of inches to make a great turn, Corsair’s over sized mousepad has you and your desk covered.

SteelSeries QcK Mouse button Pad

If you like having a large amount of options, the SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad is a good place to begin. The standard version of this mousepad is small enough for a desktop and solid enough to support a hand, but with no embroidered sides and only a small, white SteelSeries logo in the corner. You may get it in a variety of sizes, designs and thicknesses, which should match your setup no matter how much space you have.
If you’re searching for a nice cloth surface for any decent price, this is probably your best bet. This mousepad is made specifically for fast twitch gamers of the FPS and action variety (high resolution and low sensitivity mouse button settings). If you prefer smooth surfaces, this is one of the best in the marketplace.
Another really cool thing SteelSeries has done is released a number of versions of this mousepad. These other options comes with characteristic jaw-dropping graphics. If you can’t justify spending over 10 dollars on a mouse pad the QcK is likely the best value. It really is nothing short of the best-selling gaming mousepad ever.
The SteelSeries QcK may be the best-selling gaming mousepad. People love its low asking price, size selections and overall performance.

ROCCAT Hiro 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad

If you want a mouse pad that is going to last long, maybe you have used a couple, the Hiro might be the one to save you from your mousepad issues. This pad features advanced surface technology available, with fray resistance edges. Additionally, ROCCAT crafted the Hiro with a vulcanized silicon “3D” surface, an area optimized for seamless mouse gliding.
ROCCAT claims this mouse pad is a blend of the best speed and control surface properties of the best mouse button surfaces available. Whether this is correct or not, the Hiro is offers the most fluid glide. With a minimalistic design, showcasing ROCCAT branding in the bottom level right and a standard dark color. The price sure has you covered.

Logitech G440

With regards to pure speed and low tactile resistance, nothing even compares to a solid, hard surface mousepad. PC gamers requiring delicate but rapid mouse motions. Which is why they generally prefer these smooth, low friction surfaces that allows them to glide their mouse with ease.
The simplicity and ultra-smooth surface of the Logitech G440 make it the top choice when considering speed.
While some cloth mousepads feature large graphics or perhaps logos placed across the entire surface area. The hard mouse pads on the other hand generally feature a basic design to ensure better tracking with modern mouse button sensors. The Logitech G440 is no exception as its smart design features a small Logitech G logo in the lower part right corner.
At a fast glance, the surface of the G440 may appear to be completely smooth however it is actually a polyethylene surface offering micro textures that offer an ideal amount of resistance. The mousepad provides an ideal amount of feedback with no excess noise generated from your rapid mouse movements.
At the bottom, the G440 features a rubberized base that prevents the pad from sliding throughout the table while making all those speedy mouse movements. Coupled with its generous 340mm by 279mm (13. 4” by 11”) size, this makes it effortless to stay focused on the overall game at several different DPI positions. If you’re looking for a durable yet reasonably priced, steady surface to zip through the battlefield with, it’s hard to be wrong with the Logitech G440.

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Glorious PC Video gaming mousepad is one of the finest gaming mouse with an incredibly appealing price to go with. The quality of this mousepad is quite amazing. It is probably the ideal priced over sized mouse cushion on the market currently. You can fit your keyboard and mouse on this pad and still possess plenty of room to play with. It’s also everything you’d come to expect from a quality mouse pad. Like anti-fraying edges, waterproof and machine-washable, a heavy rubber surface grasping bottom, and smooth area texture.
It features a nice Zeus logo. With the Glorious brand being a new kid on the block. They’ve tried fairly hard to make a name on their own with great products. In the mousepad department, they have succeeded.

In conclusion, when you’re looking for a good mousepad, you will be confronted with a lot of decisions of what size, shape, and even consistency to look for. Although there happen to be pros and cons of each type of mousepad, in the end, you’ll be sure to pick one which best fits your needs.

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