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The use of Laptop has fast become a vital element of our digital life. A good number of people own a laptop computer in the world today and use them for very long hours day after day. For a regular laptop user, it is not hard to notice how a laptop heats up after prolonged use and sometimes wonder if it is regular and safe. The answer is it is normal to experience an increase in temperature of the laptop if engaged for long hours. As it is so with any kind of gadget that makes use of large wattage of power you will observe production and buildup of heat.

With various laptop manufacturing companies getting into the market with their high budget laptops accompanied by high specs, laptop cooling pad has grown to be one of the most vital accessories in the current tech market.

Laptop cooling pads comprise of cooling units which help to keep especially the associated CPU and also other memory units cool, to prevent overall performance hitch encountered as well as the laptop’s longevity is guaranteed. Poor laptop cooling alternatives might lead to risk where the CPU gets burnt due to extreme heat produced during its operation.

Why use laptop cooling pad?

Every laptop user regularly feels, the scorching hot waves of the heat of the laptop slowly heating up your legs when working with it. You may have also noticed, the efficiency of your laptop seems to decelerate in this process too. You are right! This isn’t simply your imagination. This is due to overworking of your device. Having a processor in a compact space such as you have in a body of a laptop frequently puts a strain on it. Intensive activities like gaming for long periods could make your laptop over heat.

However, cooling pads come to the rescue in prolonging your laptops life span and helping it stay at top performance with no hassle of overheating. The most complaints gotten from laptop users are that their laptop almost crash because of overheating and the unpleasant feeling of using a laptop that feels too hot while in use. Laptop cooling pads increase airflow to your laptop. The majority of these cooling pads have fan systems that allow the laptop’s system to get access to a cool stream of air. This stream of cool air helps the device stay at a stable, cool temperature, eliminating the possibility of overheating. The stabilization of temperature inside the device allows the system to breathe which assists the computer to function better.

The excessive heat produced by laptop is not comfortable or healthy for a user. Recent studies have been shown that Wi-Fi using devices, such as laptops, may be damaging to the user. It is possible that the laptop cooling pad, while cooling the unit can also block off a few of the harmful radiation too.

Things to consider before buying a laptop pad

While getting cooling pads it is important to focus on things like fans or no fans, adjustability, USB ports, functionality, the CFM and sometimes even the fan noise factor. It is also important to concentrate on the design and pick a cooling pad most suits your work and lifestyle. A large number of laptop cooling pads are extremely stylish and come with great features like different light features and colors.

Types of cooling pad

There are two types of cooling pad, they are classified into cooling pads that use fans and those which do not use fans. The cooling pads with fans may have one to four fans, or even more in some cases. They are made of possibly aluminum or plastic or a combination of both. The ones that do not use fans for cooling are made of materials which absorb heat and provide cooling solution for the internal laptop parts.

The no fan laptop cooling pad consist of solid compound crystals, they absorb the heat generated by the laptop and are able to lower running temperature.

The cooling pad that uses a fan for cooling generally requires electrical connections or batteries. Most of this laptop cooling pads uses USB connection just like any other laptop devices.

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Here is a list of best laptop cooling pad available in the market;

Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad is uniquely made to maximize airflow and cools your computer very nicely. The laptop cooling device cools laptop computer of 11 to 17 inches in length, slight tilt to prevent wrist strain, it raises the screen to help reduce neck strain, can fit well into your laptop bag, and also contains a convenient compartment for USB cable and grip pads to prevent your laptop from sliding down your lap.

Thermaltake MASSIVE 14 Dual 140mm Blue LED Cooling Pad

If you are looking for the best laptop cooling pad with high-powered air conditioning capabilities, the Thermaltake Massive cooling pad is made of large hexagon shape metal mesh for good airflow and wind resistance, this ranks among the best. This laptop cooling pad features two large fans that measure 140mm with blue LED lights. Its size can fit laptops of 10 to 17 inches in dimensions. It is USB powered with two 2.0 USB ports.

The fans are very powerful, with speed of 12,000 RPM for maximum cooling efficiency. It comes with an adjustable speed control for the fan to increase performance and a control switch to turn on and from the LED lights.

HAVIT HV-F2056 15. 6 – 17 inches Laptop Cooling pad

The Havit HV-F2056 is actually a best-selling laptop cooling pad. Its size is about 17 inches, it is stylish, thin, and functional. This cooling pad has two adjustable height settings, allowing for ergonomic positioning and added airflow underneath the laptop.

This cooling pad comes with three ultra-quiet fans and three blue LED lights. This fans equally distribute air beneath your laptop. The fan spins at 1,200 RPM to offer a well-combined air flow of 65 CFM. This cooling pad also features two USB 2.0 ports, allowing you to connect peripherals or charge mobile devices.

The LED lights have independent power control, allowing them to be disabled when you want. The fan speed can be adjusted with the controls. This is often a top choice in case you desire the best laptop cooling pad.

Tree New Bee cooling pad

This cooling pad is designed to keep your laptop cool and running. It has four 120mm fans with a speed of 1,200 RPM to keep your laptop cool, even if you make use of a workstation. The Tree New Bee has blue LED lights, this cooling pad is made for ergonomic comfort. It is powered through a USB cable and has an extra USB port on the side. It comes with an adjustable control for the speed of the fans. The base of the cooling pad is adjustable, enabling you to raise the laptop off of a table or desk.

ThermaPAK Heatshift Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad provides a performance better than most fan USB cooling pad. The ThermaPAK features a grooved texture that improves air flow between laptop and the surface beneath it. The passive protect is also filled with a special gel material that absorbs warmth, keeping your 10 to 17 inches laptop cool without any fans. This laptop cooling pad doesn’t use electrical power so your laptop battery last longer.

So that is our choices that we think are the best laptop cooling pads available in the market right now, which one did you like the most and which one did you buy ?

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