Cheap Gaming Mouse: Which should you buy?

Cheap Gaming Mouse what to look for :

It could be very hard to find a cheap gaming mouse when the budget is usually low. Most of the time you will be pretty sure that the mouse will probably get will be dead after few months of usage. Therefore, we are going to be looking at cheap gaming mice you can get. This kind of list is guaranteed to ensure that you buy a high quality mouse for almost no money. If the budget category of under $50 there is actually quite a few new gaming mice to look at. There’s also a number of classic options that continue to work really well.
For any professional gamer a good gaming mouse is seen to provide stability and precision for the game they are used for. You should also consider combining it with best gaming mouse pads available.
Choosing the best mouse for your play-style, requires you to first consider your gaming preferences, your finances and what you want in terms of more features. The most important thing to consider when buying a gaming mouse is what you will use it for.

For FPS games I choose something with super accuracy and that does not have built-in acceleration. For RTS games something that comes with built-in speed can actually be a positive therefore knowing what games you’ll engage in playing ahead of time can be the key to obtaining what’s right for you. On the other hand, if you are using your PC for very particular genres (MOBA, FPS, RPGs or RTS, etc.), you may consider picking up a far more specialized mouse. Some multi-purpose mice work better for some styles than others, while some mice exist for one genre above any other.
All-purpose mice are the most common kind of game playing mouse on the market. These type of mice comes in all shapes and sizes. Seeing that an all-purpose mouse needs to be good at managing everything from FPS to actions or adventure to MMO, there’s no one unifying style theory behind them.
The PC gaming market is quite competitive for gaming devices like Gaming Mice coming from different manufacturers. Some manufacturers tend to give the best quality a gamer will need in one mouse for a nice price although some will overcharge you for theirs just for the brand name hence making it increasingly more complicated to choose the right device for your needs. So we will be looking at some cheap gaming mouse to give you the best gaming experience, last long and suite the play style needs.

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Razer Deathadder Chroma

If you’re looking for great accuracy in a mouse, then the Razer DeathAdder Chroma provides this. Razer uses the S3988 Avago optical sensor in this mouse. So far this sensor is definitely one exclusive to razer products. The design and excess weight make it comfortable to work with over long gaming sessions.
The newest version of this mouse button brings a lot of advantages compared to the old. The slippery side buttons that plagued gamers after long video games sessions are gone and here comes a rather better and more accurate sensor than what was available. The feet on the bottom seem to move well making it the perfect to be used on cloth mousepads.
The Chroma version is essentially just like the 2013 but offers totally customizable LED lighting.
You need to know ahead of time that the DeathAdder is much more of a simple and effective mouse than any feature-rich mouse. With that being said the lightweight chassis combined with the precision you get from the combination of the mouse actually couldn’t be presented in any other way.
This is an excellent mouse for professionals and some highly recommend it for the FPS genre kind of games. It uses Omron D2FC-F-7N (10M) micro-switches that should in least give it a longer life-span.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is a successor of the G400s and one of the all-time favorite. G402 Hyperion Fury is an ultra-fast FPS gaming mouse. The G402 boasts of a track speed of more than 500 IPS (inches every second) using Logitech’s Fusion Engine Sensor Technology, and also the company’s Delta Zero sensor technology for extreme reliability.
With an AM010 optical-sensor and 8 programmable control keys it has enough accuracy to get FPS type gaming and also enough features for those seeking to play Action RPGs. Without built-in acceleration and position snapping it also won’t wreak havoc on your aim. On-the-fly DPI adjustment from 240 to 4, 000 DPI implies that it’s flexible enough for any situations.
The mouse by itself is durable with a twenty million actuation life averagely. The previous was up to 10 million. Which means if you go with this mouse it should last you quite a long time. Quite simply if you break it, then you definitely probably had to work fairly hard to do so.
Overall you obtain a great FPS mouse for approximately $40 that will last you quite a long time.

SteelSeries Sensei

SteelSeries peripherals have large followers among the professional gaming community, the Sensei is not only a cheap gaming mouse but actually a choice among professional players. With 11, 400DPI level of sensitivity and a handy 8 macro buttons, it can be easily used for all genre of gaming, the first-person shooter/MMO/MOBA etc. Meanwhile, underneath the deceptively conventional looks, its level of precision is engineered for all precision and sensitivity you might desire, it tracks motions of up to 150 inches every second. And it actually lets you customize its lift-distance, so whatever surface you use it on, you can get it work perfectly. We can’t attest to your general level of talent, however the SteelSeries Sensei will for the least put you on same level with the pros in terms of device.

Redragon M601

The Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS is one of the cheapest gaming mouse around. An Amazon best-seller, it has a delicate sensor, smooth feet, and tuning weights. If about $14 is all you want to spend on a gaming mouse, this is the simply for you! When it comes to PC gaming mice you will always learn about Corsair, Razor, SteelSeries and also other well reputed companies. In case you have looked for gaming mouse from these brands, you might have noticed that they are quite expensive. They promise better accuracy and reliability, amazing comfort, cool LED lights, and many side switches as well as DPI customizations, to get you hooked onto their particular product. Many of us out there as well as the PC gaming community, do not have a lot of money to spend on a mouse like that, that’s where RedRagon comes.

You should never judge a product solely on its brand or price, because if you do so you might lose chance to have the Redagon M601 CENTROPHORUS, A quality gaming mouse, which is engineered for fast-twitch gaming.

Skill Ripjaw MX780

Some gaming mouse forego comfort in the brand, which cannot be said for the RipJaw MX780. It boast of numerous features designed to make your hands grip feel just right, together with a height-adjustable palm rest, unusually versatile and interchangeable side grips and adjustable weights. The four-zone RGB lighting is really well-implemented as anything that could be gotten from Razer or Logitech. Just be sure you download G. Skill’s software and change the color, since the default is a ghastly trout color. Everything adds up to make one of the most comfy gaming mice we’ve attempted in some time, and it’s responsive to boot thanks to an on-board 8, 200 DPI laser beam sensors that supports DPI switching.

HAVIT HV-S672 Ergonomic Wired Mouse

The HAVIT HV-MS672 mouse offers all the features intended for gaming mouse and surfing the Internet in style. The soothing color changing lights comes from the inside the luxurious and elegant casing.

For the MMO and RPG fan, you will find six buttons, adjustable DPI configurations, and a reliable, always prepared USB connection. And for anyone who loves to spend hours clicking through social media posts, the comfy ergonomic shape is just what you need. Mac and PC users are both welcome.

This mouse with all its amazing features comes at a reasonably low price within the $10 range, and guarantees the best quality and awesome gaming experience.


So this ends our list, did you already decide which to buy ? great now head over to our article for  best gaming mouse pads available to get the best combo 🙂 and don’t forget the best mechanical keyboards article and maybe best headphones for gaming as well to enjoy your gaming experience to the max.

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