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Finding a woman who is not choosy about the accessories that she uses is possibly the most daunting task in the world. When it comes to choosing accessories, women keep in mind that the item should match their style and should be trendy as well. In such a situation, it is most unlikely that the fashion-conscious businesswomen of the world would be contended using those dull looking backpacks for carrying laptops to their work. That is why bag manufacturers have come up with dedicated laptop bags for women, which are designed to be stylish, durable and at the same time capable of carrying much more than just the laptops.

What to look for while buying laptop bags for women?

While there are many factors that you need to be consider during your decision to purchase a laptop bag for women, the most important one is that how you intend to use the bag. If the bag is meant to be used occasionally, you can go for those stylish products which may have got the looks but do not have enough longevity. However, if you intend to use the laptop bag daily, it has to be made from a high quality material, and at the same time should carry some style with it as well.

Some general things that should be considered while buying women’s laptop bags include the following:

Snug fit

It is very important that fit of the laptop is snug and not loose. A loose fit laptop would always stand the chance of sliding inside the bag while traveling thereby getting damaged. Thickly padded laptop compartment, Velcro straps to secure the laptop, zippered compartments are some of the things that ensure a snug fit for the laptop inside the bag.


The laptop bag is going to be a vital accessory item for the woman who carries it. She would possibly carry it to her office, client meetings, business seminars and a lot of places. Thus, it needs to look stylish as the design and style of the bag will talk about the individual style of the woman to her colleagues and clients.


It is not only the laptop that you would be carry, Along with the electronic device, there would be a huge list of items which would get stuffed inside the laptop bag. Thus, it is of paramount importance that the laptop bag has enough space to accommodate different items that you need to carry with you all the time. If there are dedicated chambers or pockets for these items, it is even better.


Now this is one factor that is applicable to any product that you would buy. After spending so many dollars you would definitely not want to bring home something that would find its place in the trash after a few months. The same applies for women’s laptop bags as well. If you manage to get one that matches your style and space requirements, just check on the durability part before getting that added to your cart.

Based on these factors, the most popular laptop bags for women were being reviewed. The best products in terms of user reviews and other factors as mentioned above are being listed below for you to choose from, so let us get started.

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Brinch Multi-functional Suit Fabric Portable Laptop Carrying Bag

The basic envelope design of this sleek but stylish laptop bag makes it the perfect companion for the stylish woman who needs a good quality bag for her laptop. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap lets the user carry the bag comfortably, regardless of whether she has a good height or not. To add to the flexibility of carrying the bag, it features side handles as well.

Measuring 385x265x65mm from inside, this laptop bag has the right dimension to carry those bigger 15.6-inch laptops as well. The outer dimension of the bag is 410x280x70mm which makes it easy to carry even when traveling in congested public transport. The back compartment of the bag contains a big pocket which can be closed by means of Velcro. The pocket is big enough to stash a magazine or newspaper after the user is done reading them while traveling.

Some of the striking features of this multi-functional portable laptop bag include:

Front compartment has three different pockets which can be used to store items of different dimensions

Laptop compartment made of soft foam which is covered by scratch-resistant material

Fluffy padding of the laptop compartment protects the laptop from shocks and jolts

Metals zippers which last longer

Shoulder strap has soft strap pad made of PU leather for added comfort

The handles are made of PU leather which provides better and comfortable grip

Sides and bottom of the bag has PU leather lining for added durability


  • Made of fabric material
  • Protects the laptop well
  • The bag can be carried with the shoulder strap, or with the handles or just like a portfolio file
  • Hidden loops in back pocket does not spoil the looks of the bag when carried without shoulder straps
  • Fits almost laptops that have a screen of 15.6 inches or less
  • Available in 12 colors


  • Cannot be used during heavy downpours
  • The shoulder straps on the back instead of the sides can cause imbalance for some users
  • Not ideal for carrying too many additional items along with the laptop

If you had been looking for a laptop bag that would look simple yet stylish, lightweight but would be able to carry the laptop safely, the Brinch Multi-functional Suit Fabric Portable Laptop Carrying Bag is the right product for you. Choose any one from the 12 available colors and let your beholders get amazed by your sense of style.

ECOSUSI Ladies Faux Leather Briefcase

The first thing that will draw your attention when you look at this faux leather beauty is the huge bow on the front side of the bag. The faux leather gives a modest, professional and modish look to the bag. The next thing that you will like about this bag from ECOSUSI is the design on the front flap which gives this bag the winning edge over other messenger bags that are used by women to carry their laptops.

The inner compartments of the bag can be accessed by lifting the flap which has two magnetic studs for closure. There is a full-length zip which can be left open if you want easy access to the materials inside or can stay zipped for added security of the stuff inside. The interior of this stylish laptop bag has one large main compartment which has a separate padded space meant for the laptop. There are another three small compartments inside the bag – one of them being zipped and the other two being open compartments. The large main compartment is big enough to hold more than just the laptop. You can stash in a couple of A4 folders, your shades, your mobile phone as well as notebooks in the bag without much inconvenience.

Some of the striking features of this faux leather made bag include:

Vintage gold tone brass buckles adds to the beauty and structural durability

One large compartment inside

Three small compartments for keeping variable items

Measures 14.8”x10.6”x4” from outside

Soft handle provides comfortable grip

Adjustable shoulder strap measuring 50cm – 140cm

Shoulder strap hooked by the side of the bag for added balance


  • High quality and well-crafted laptop bag for women
  • Can be carried as a purse, as a messenger bag or as a cross-body handbag
  • Velcro strap in the main compartment secures the laptop firmly
  • Can accommodate many extra things along with the laptop
  • Color of the bag does not run out
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • Not suitable for bigger laptops with screen size more than 14”
  • No compartments at the front or back for easy storage of items
  • New bags carry distinctive leather smell which can be annoying at times

The design and the build of the bag make it very clear that this is one product which has been manufactured to be used and to be abused. The retro look of the bag will let you carry it not only to your office but even when you are out on shopping errands. If you really want a professional looking laptop bag that can be carried to any place, the ECOSUSI Ladies Faux Leather Briefcase is the one you were looking for.

Overbrook Classic Women’s Tote Bag for Laptops

The Classic women’s Tote bag for laptops by Overbrook is one of those ladies bags that have a subtle style and a lot of functionality and durability. The simple design and the high-quality leather of the bag speak high about its quality and professionalism. It is a shoulder bag which comes with multiple compartments and pockets to store a variety of objects in a very organized manner.

The best features of the bag which makes this included in this list are:

Made from pebbled faux leather

Interior of the bag is lined with durable nylon which lasts longer than any fabric

Double padded center compartment for laptop

External zippered pocket for easy storage and access to items

3 open slip pockets on the front side of the bag that can accommodate many things including water bottles

Velcro strap for snug fit of the laptop

Extra padding at the base to provide additional protection to the laptop

Full-length zip protects laptop from any external damage

External dimensions of the bag are 17.5”x13.5”x 4.5″


  • Pebbled faux leather finish gives a professional and stylish look
  • Lot of interiors and exterior space to carry many items with the laptop
  • Can accommodate laptops with screen sizes up to 15.6”
  • Dedicated holders for mobile phone, pens, and other items of daily use
  • Waterproof nylon material protects laptop during rainy season
  • Durable stitching for added functional durability
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Priced very competitively


  • Length of the shoulder strap is not adjustable
  • No metal feet on the bottom
  • Quality of the zips are not very good

If all you are looking at is a laptop tote bag for women which will last for a good period of time and will let you carry a lot of things with you always, this classic piece from Overbrook is the one that you need to get for yourself. Ideal for office use, this bag can be carried when you are out on business trips or vacations as well.

CoolBell 15.6” Laptop Tote Bag for Women

If you are in search for the ultimate stylish bag for carrying your laptop and other essential items while you are traveling, this laptop tote bag from CoolBell is the best one for you. The stitched patterns on the front of the bag along with the overall design put up a highly professional appearance for the bag. This bag is designed to carry almost everything that a woman might need on a daily basis. In addition to the laptop, this bag has ample space to accommodate mobile phones, Skin care products, magazines, notebooks, laptop adapters and much more.

Some of the most promising features of this laptop tote bag from CoolBell include:

Made from Oxford Nylon cloth

Special polyester lining for water resistance

External dimensions are 17.5” x 12.5” x 4.0”

One zippered front pocket

Multiple functional compartments in front pocket for holding variety of items

Back pocket can accommodate magazines or newspapers

One zippered pocket inside

High-quality metal zippers

The main compartment has separate padded space for laptop

Laptop can be secured well by means of Velcro strap


  • Can accommodate big-sized laptops with screen sizes up to 15.6”
  • Lightweight design
  • Chic and stylish looks
  • Water-resistant material
  • Can be used daily on different occasions
  • Base of the bag is made of scratch-proof leather
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Quite pricey as compared to other shoulder bags
  • Not okay for laptops with screen sizes more than 15.6”

As you learn about the features, pros, and cons of this absolute beauty from CoolBell, you would not need to look for any other bag any longer. This one will not only let you carry your laptop in the most secure way but will also increase your style quotient manifolds. While it might appear to be expensive, the appreciations that this bag is going to earn for you will make it an absolute value of your money.

With these reviews of some of the best laptop bags for women, buying one should be a fairly uncomplicated task now. Just decide on which of these bags meet your requirements and place the order for that now by clicking on the one you like.

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