Best Gaming Laptops between 500 and 2000 in Canada Helpful List

Best Gaming Laptops in Canada in 2018

Most of the articles on this website is for USA, but this list is going to be the best gaming laptops in Canada, for our neighbours in the north. It will be from 500 CAD to 2000~ CAD and I will include the best gaming laptops based on value for money and performance wise, I am also planning to do a list for under 500 if this one proves helpful and popular, with that said, let us get started :

#affiliate notice I get commissions for purchases made through most of the links in this post to support the expenses of this website.

Acer Aspire E 15

  • 7th gen dual core i3 CPU.
  • 620 HD iGPU (enough to run most older games on low to medium settings).
  • 15.6″ Full HD screen.
  • 4GB DDR4 Memory.
  • 1TB 5400RPM HDD.
  • Up to advertised 12-hours Battery Life.
  • It offers great value for money, and the main plus is the Full HD screen.

Pro tip: If you can afford to wait a little then buying this model from with its current price (around 350 US) at the time of this post and add import fees it would still be cheaper than

If you are planning to use it for gaming, it is highly recommended to upgrade the ram to 8GB ram, you can do that manually by removing the back panel.

Acer Aspire E 15 (newer version)

Very similar in specs and price, main difference is an additional 2GB ram, and better 8th gen CPU.

It will have the same gaming performance but it will have better multitasking, and better performance if you have any quad core programs that you use frequently.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire E 15 (MX version).

  • The latest 8th gen i5 quad core CPU.
  • 8GB ram DDR4/DDR3 Memory (upgradeable to 16GB ram).
  • 256GB SSD (Upgradeable if you are willing to replace it with a bigger sized SSD, with room to add another HDD).
  • MX150 GPU (on both), which is enough to play most modern games on low to medium settings).
  • Good battery life on both (longer on the E 15).
  • Average build quality, but it is to be expected at such price range.

Acer Nitro 5

  • Powerful 7th gen i5 quad core CPU.
  • 8GB ram DDR4 Memory (upgradeable to 16GB ram).
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 which is one of the best GPUs you will be able to find within this budget. 
  • 256GB SSD (Upgradeable if you are willing to replace it with a bigger sized SSD, with room to add another HDD).
  • Above average build quality, as well as above average heat management.
  • It offers great value for money for a gaming laptop.

Acer Nitro 5 with i7

  • Same laptop with double the ram and more powerful CPU, worth the increase if your budget allows for it.


  • Same laptop but currently on sale (at the current time of this post but with a normal HDD not FireCuda Hybrid).
  • 7th-generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core CPU.
  • 1050 GPU (the previous two has a more powerful GPU so it would offer better value for money, but this is much lighter in case that is a concern).
  • 16GB ram which is great for multi tasking if you open a lot of chrome tabs or several programs at the same time.
  • 1TB SSHD FireCuda Hybrid Drive which Asus claims that it 6 times faster than a normal HDD.
  • 15.6 Full HD screen with 100% sRGB color range which is great for this price range.
  • Lightweight for gaming laptops in this price range at 4.9 Lbs.
  • RGB  Keyboard, high build quality, and above average heat management.
  • Only con is the bloatware, however, that can be easily uninstalled.

Version with SSD

Version with 17.3 inch screen

Lenovo Legion Y720

  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ (one of the most powerful Laptop CPU in the market with the exception of the most recent 8th gen CPU.
  • 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz, 256GB SSD (I personally like to see double that ram on gaming laptops but if you are on a tight budget then this is a “good enough” option, and you can always add more ram/storage later when you have the budget or you need it.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 graphics memory (this is the main selling point of the laptop, for this price range this offers great value for money in the Canadian market).
  • Thunderbolt USB Type-C, RGB backlit keyboard those are a couple of great features to be in this price range as well.
  • 15.6 in Full HD IPS anti-glare LED backlight (1920 x 1080), that is somewhat standard in the market, but still worthy of mention because some gaming laptops still come with TN panels.

Asus ROG Strix Hero Edition 

  • 8th-Gen 6-Core Intel Core i7-8750H this is the 8th gen laptop CPU that I was just talking about, this is much more powerful because it comes with 6 core VS the 4 cores on most gaming laptop’s CPUs, and it is very new so it is as future prof as you can get it for this price range. 

  • GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics (for this price range we like to see 1060 GPU, however, with the more powerful, more expensive CPU that is to be expected, so it is up to you to decide based on your usage if you need a powerful CPU more, or do you need powerful GPU.
  • Pro tip: if the main usage is going to be gaming then look for a more powerful GPU with 1060 GPU, maybe even 1070 if you have a bigger budget.
  • 120Hz 15.6″ Full HD display. Ultra-fast 3ms response time (that is another great plus that is somewhat rare for this price range to have, and it is a big plus if you play a lot of first person shooter games). 
  • 16GB ram, 128GB PCIe SSD plus 1TB FireCuda Hybrid Drive (up to 6x faster performance than traditional HDD or so Asus claims :).
  • RGB Gaming Keyboard a nice plus as always.

MSI GL73 8RC-049CA

  • 8th-Gen 6-Core Intel Core i7-8750H, GTX 1050
  • This is cheaper laptop with a weaker GPU, so you might wonder why it is over the Asus, it is because it comes with a bigger 17.3″  (1920×1080) screen, which are usually more expensive than 17.3, so if 17.3 inch gaming laptop is a must for you then that would be a good option. 
  • 16GB DDR IV (8GB*2) 2400MHz (this is actually a con because if you want more than 16GB ram, then you will need to let 8GB stick go to waste or sell it as used and replace it, and 1TB (SATA) 7200rpm, it is a shame it doesn’t come with SSD, but since it comes with cheaper price we will let it slide.
  • Steel Series Red backlit Gaming Keyboard another good bonus, once you go backlit, it is hard to go back.

MSI GP63 8RD-048CA Leopard

  • Latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050TI with 4GB GDDR5.
  • 16GB DDR IV (8GB*2) 2400MHz and 128GB SSD +1TB (SATA) 7mm.
  • This listing comes fix most of the cons of the previous MSI laptop on our list, it adds the small SSD we like for the OS, and up the power of the GPU to be 1050Ti, which makes it the almost perfect combination for gaming laptops in this price range.
  • Steel Series RBG Gaming Keyboard another upgrade from the only red backlit keyboard in the previous MSI.

Asus FX504GM-AB7

  • This item has not yet been released.  (At the time of posting this article this is what shown on the laptop’s listing on Amazon, but it available for pre order).
  • 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 1TB (5400 RPM), 128GB PCIE G3x2 SSD.,16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM.
  • This comes with same CPU as the previous MSI, but it comes with a better/more powerful GPU, with more VRAM for better performance overall in GPU tasks.
  • It comes with a slower HDD but it also comes with a better ram, and not that much more expensive than the MSI, so if you can wait for it to released that would be a much better option IMO.
  • It also worth noting that Asus advertise “Portable design with 0.98” thin profile and weight of only 5.01 lbs.” which I would consider a nice plus. 
  • Red backlit keyboard, which is as always an appreciated bonus.

Acer Predator Helios 300

  • This is a best seller in the US market, However if the previous asus is released soon and stays in this price range then I think it might turn out to be a better option.
  • 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM (so a weaker CPU than the Asus but the same GPU).
  • 16GB DDR4 Memory & 256GB SSD add another 1 TB manually and you will get what I consider the perfect combination for a gaming laptop when it comes to storage and multitasking.
  • Got a good battery life for a gaming laptop, Acer advertise 7 hours, but you should be around half that with average non gaming usage.
  • Red backlit keyboard, and USB type C both are a nice bonus to have.
  • Version with the 1 TB HDD pre installed (if you don’t like opening your gaming laptop).
  • version with 1TB HDD but no SSD   in case you don’t have the budget for it.

MSI GP73 8RE-081CA

  • Latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H, GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5, 17.3″ FHD, 16GB DDR4, 128GB SSD,1TB (SATA) 7200rpm.
  • This a great combination in a gaming laptop, with a very good price as well, you get the most powerful CPU, very good GPU, and great combination between ram, ssd storage for faster boot up, and plenty of HDD storage for your photos/videos/music/games.
  • Steel Series RBG Gaming Keyboard, with very good heat management, only issue is, build quality, is not the best, so you will need to take good care of it.


  • This is very similar to the previous MSI in specs and in price, however, this comes with 7th gen CPU not 8th, however, it makes it up with 120Hz refresh rate screen.


  • Again that is similar to MSI GP73 8RE-081CA from 2 MSI ago, however, this is the 15.6 version, with double SSD storage.

All three come with Steel Series RBG Gaming Keyboard.

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