Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain (Helpful List)

Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain 

If you are that kind of person who uses backpacks on a regular basis and wants to find the perfect one for back pain and laptop storage, this article is for you! 

In the paragraphs below, we will give you a list of the best laptop backpacks for back pain available in the market. But before doing so, have you ever thought how do backpacks cause back pain? 

Well, there are many answers to this question. Such answers will particularly be the features you consider – or your guideline – while doing your next backpack purchase. 

First of all, the weight of your backpack highly determines whether or not it will cause you back and shoulder pain. You are already using the bag to carry many necessities so do not overburden yourself or your back with a heavy backpack on its own. Also, you need to find a bag with many compartments to distribute the heavyweight of the bag upon those different compartments. 

Moreover, the way you carry your bag with will of course be a factor. Do not carry it on one shoulder even it seems easier when you are in a hurry, because this shall cause you a terrible shoulder and back pain if its repeated regularly and for long periods of time. 

Another factor that will determine whether or not your backpack will cause you back pain is the design of the bag itself. For example, if the shoulder straps of the bag are poorly designed, as in they are too narrow or unpadded, this will cause you severe pain in the shoulders and neck area. Furthermore, the inferior straps sometimes compress the nervous system around your shoulder and your back if they are inadequately designed, so you will begin to feel unbalanced, numb, and of course you will get severe back pain. 

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Now, let’s move to our list of recommendations. 

Yorepek 17 inch Laptop Backpack 

Our first option is the Yorepek travel backpack. It has a huge capacity of total 45 Liter and could fit laptops up to 17 inches. The bag has a perfect size if you are looking for something with a huge space and many pockets. 

First of all, the bag is made from polyester material with nylon lining so its highly durable and also water resistant. 

Moreover, huge space of the bag mainly lies in its main compartment which could take your so many things such as clothes, books, documents, and more. The laptop compartment as we said before could take up to a 17 inch laptop or tablet. 

The bag has an overall good design especially for back pain. It has wide shoulder straps made of breathable mesh material and of course adjustable for any type and body size. Also, the straps are padded enough to keep your shoulders comfortable all the time. 

The Yorepek also has an amazing cooling system to keep your back cool all the time. It has a U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation design that enables maximum air convection and heat elimination for the back area. 

The bag provides airport quick scanning process as it could unfold completely from 90 degrees to flat 180 degrees, so you would not even remove your laptop to be scanned at any airport checkpoint from now on. 

The Yorepek amazing features have not ended yet.The bag is provided with an embedded USB charging port for external fast charging on the go. 

Unfortunately the Yorepek misses an important feature especially for back pain which is the waist and sternum straps. Such straps should always be present in big sized backpacks like the Yorepek to help you balance and release some weight off your back and shoulders. 

Pros: Comfortable & padded straps, affordable price, high quality & durable material, ventilation mechanism, and a USB charging port. 

Cons: No sternum & waist straps, and a bit bulky. 

Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Grey, Roy Blue. 

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Amazonbasics lightweight Laptop Backpack 

Our next option is Amazonbasics travel backpack. 

Th Amazinbasics backpack has a total capacity of 26.6 Liter and could fit laptops up to 17 inch size. This is specific backpack does great job of carrying your laptop around without causing you any back pain. 

The bag has a great space for storing so many items yet it is lightweight so it does not overburden you with inessential weight. 

The Amazonbasics bag fits highly those with back pain as it has ergonomic features to support your lower back. The shoulder straps are wide and padded enough to keep your shoulders at ease all the time. The back area is also padded enough to keep your back comfortable all the time. Moreover, there is a waist buckle to keep your lower back supported especially for those having lower back problems. 

The bag does not come equipped with too many complex features, its is so basic yet to the point. It will give you exactly what you need at an affordable price. 

The bag has one main compartment, 2 side compartments, front pocket, and a separate laptop compartment. The laptop compartment is padded and has separate access with a separate zipper. Moreover, this laptop compartment is airport checkpoint friendly, so you can lay flat the laptop section for any security checks without going through any hassles. 

Pros: Overall good design, comfortable straps and padded back area, quality zippers, durable, designed for lower back pain and lightweight. 

Cons: No many additional features like USB charging port, and not so many pockets. 

Colors: Black

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Incase Icon Pack 15 inch laptop backpack 

Our third and most unique option is the Incase Icon laptop backpack. This bag is considered to be the most trusted bag in terms of back pain safety. 

First off, the bag is made from nylon and plush material which makes the Incase highly durable bag and super comfortable one. 

The Incase is super lightweight, yet has a huge capacity and could fit up to a 15 inch laptop. 

The bag has a compact solid design which makes it in shape even when its empty. 

It has wide, padded, and adjustable shoulder straps. Moreover, its back area is greatly padded for more back support and is breathable for proper ventilation. 

Pros: Durable, comfortable, and large internal space.

Cons: Super expensive, and not so good for bulky items because of its inner design. 

Colors: Black, Green, Grey, and Red. 

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Kopack Laptop Backpack

Our fourth and final option is the Kopack laptop backpack. This bag takes all the needed precautions to become the most ergonomic backpack for back pain in the market. 

To start off, the Kopack is made of high quality nylon fabric which is water and scratch resistant. 

The Kopack is well known for having the most comfortable shoulder straps. In depth, the comfortable shoulder straps are due to many factors. First of all, the straps has an “s” shape design to curve with the lines of your back for increased comfort. Moreover, those straps could be the widest and most padded (8mm foam) shoulder straps available in the market. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are highly adjustable to give you all the freedom needed for any body size and type. 

Many people have reported that even when they fill this bag with so many heavy items, they can barely feel any weight directed at their backs, thanks to the very well design of the bag’s shoulder straps. 

This Kopack has so many small pockets and compartments (up to 17 compartments) to organize your items and distribute the heavyweight. It also could fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop. Furthermore, it has high quality dual layer zippers which are anti theft and an incognito back pocket to hide your valuables. Finally, the bag is provided by an external USB charging port for fast charging on the move.

Pros: Most suitable bag for back pain, extra padded shoulder pads, high quality material, and external USB charging port. 

Cons: Small compartments, and not that durable. 

Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Pink, and Purple. 

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We hope by now, you got a better idea on how to purchase a laptop backpack for back pain, if you want to check out other laptop backpacks here is our post on Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack and Best Tactical Laptop Backpacks

Written by: Nourhan Alaaeldin. 

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