Best Laptop Stand in 2019 helpful list

Best Laptop Stand | 2019

If you are used to work on your laptop for long hours whether at home or from an office, you have definitely suffered at some point or maybe still suffering from a severe pain in your back, shoulders and wrists. This usually happens because of your sitting position. The greatest invention so far – in my opinion – for this problem is laptop stands. They are very useful, convenient and solves this problem for good. 

In this article we will be talking about the best laptop stands in 2019 and we will recommend different types with a variety of options. 

What to look for? 

Generally, you need to look for the adjustability feature when you are intending to buy a laptop stand. This feature is really important as it gives you more flexibility in using the stand. You will also need to look for a durable material depending on your budget limit. Also, try to consider the place you are going to use this stand at. Is it for your working desk, bed, or couch? Because there are different types in the market, each is made for a specific type of usage. You can also consider portability feature if you are going to use it on the-go. Finally, you need to look carefully for the embedded fan feature to keep your laptop always cool.

You will find below a list of the best 7 laptop stands available in the market. 

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AOOU adjustable Laptop Stand

Our first option is the AOOU laptop stand. It has amazing features and considered to be an overall best. First of all, the stand has 3 tripled-joined legs that are height adjustable (up to 19 inches) and can fully rotate (up to 360 degrees). It also comes with 2 fans to help keep your laptop cool and a small mouse table. 

The stand is made of strong plastic which is not the strongest material but makes it lightweight. The AOOU stand can be used either at your desk, couch, or bed. Finally it has an amazing price. 

Pros: good price, lightweight, adjustable, has cooling fans, has mouse table and can be used wherever. 

Cons: plastic is not a durable material. 

Roost Laptop Stand 

Our second choice is the Roost laptop stand. This laptop stand is a portable once as it is so light and could fit in any bag when torn down. It is so stable even though it is made out of plastic and could carry up to a 15 inch laptop. It has a great functioning legs that are also height adjustable (up to 11 inches). 

This is stand does not come equipped with a fan but it does not have a flatbed so it keeps your laptop cool all the time. This stand is the best option for travelers or on the-go users. 

Pros: height adjustable, portable, lightweight, and stable. 

Cons: hard plastic not so durable, and a bit pricey. 

Rain Design iLevel 2 Laptop Stand

This stand has the most attractive look. It has a very simple yet stylish design. Furthermore, it has great functions. First of all it is has a high quality and durable material as it is made of aluminium. It could carry from an 11 inch up to a 15 inch laptop and its highly stable. 

The Rain Design is considered to be the easiest adjustable laptop stand as it is equipped with handy knob used for adjustment. The lower part of the stand is supported by rubber pads to keep your laptop safe and prevents unneeded sliding. 

Pros: height adjustable, durable material, and a stylish design. 

Cons: a bit pricey, and no fan. 

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

This stand scores the heights in the budget feature. It has a relatively low price with good features and an average quality. The stand is made of mesh material, which might not be the most durable material but it definitely secures your laptop from overheating. It also has the adjustable height feature (up to 35 degrees) for better body postures while working. This stand is extremely affordable especially if you are on a tight budget. 

Pros: low price, adjustable height, and the mesh material prevents overheating even when there is no fan. 

Cons: not durable. 

Lamicall Laptop Stand

This stylish stand is made of premium alloy which ensures durability and stability. It has a 360 degree rotation feature to offer a variety of postures for you as a user. It could be adjusted up to 3.5 inches height. The stand could fit up to a 15 inch laptop but not more than 0.5 inch in thickness because of the front stopper. The flatbed of the stand has rubber pads to prevent your laptop from overheating, scratching and sliding. The stand comes in two colors, silver, and grey. 

Pros: adjustable height, good price, provides stability, and has high quality material. 

Cons: no fan, assembly required, and does not fit laptops more than 0.5 in thickness. 

Nexstand Laptop Stand

The Nexstand is a bit similar to the Roost stand in height, and design but with a more affordable price. The stand is still portable as it could be easily folded and torn down but of course not as the Roost stand as it is heavier and bigger. The Nexstant is stable, height adjustable, and could take up to a 15 inch laptop but you need to carefully lock its legs before placing your laptop on it to be on the safe side. 

Pros: good price, foldable, height adjustable, and cool design. 

Cons: heavy, big, not 100% portable, and not with the highest quality. 

DG Sports Laptop Stand 

Our last option is the best one if you are looking for a laptop stand to be used in your bed and provides you with maximum comfort. It has many features that you would have never guessed you needed. First of all, the stand comes equipped with an embedded LED light and an internal cooling fan, bed vibes right? 

The stand also has 3 USB ports hub and a dedicated padded area for your mouse and another one for your mug. The DG sports stand legs are height adjustable (2 different heights) , stable, and foldable. 

The stand is considered to be portable as it has a slim design, light-weight, and foldable legs. 

Pros: portable, LED light, USB ports, cooling fan, and adjustable height. 

Cons: may not fit large laptops. 

Hope this article was beneficial. 

Written by: Nourhan Alaaeldin. 

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