Best Laptops for Writing and writers in 2019 Helpful List

It has been a long time since writers had to actually write; with the ever evolving world, computers and devices introduced the concept of typing which made a whole lot of difference to the profession or even to the entire notion of writing. 

Are you writing because it’s your profession, or are you writing because you have an assignment to submit, or maybe even writing to finish a report at your job? If you are writing for any of the previously mentioned reasons or even just writing because you love it or you want to, you will definitely find this article beneficial in many aspects.

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This article includes the most important specs that you should look for when preparing to purchase a laptop for writing purposes. The following paragraphs compare 3 different laptops that we consider to be the best writing laptops in 2019. The 3 chosen laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre 13.

Before examining each laptop we’ve mentioned, let us get started by telling you the most important specs that most writers look for in a laptop. Writers do not look for much but the following specs usually concern them the most.

Size and Portability of Laptops for Writing

One of the important specs needed for a writing laptop would be the weight. As a writer, you need to look carefully for a device that proves to be light- weight, portable and with reasonable dimensions in order for you to be able to carry it around wherever you are, so, at any time you feel inspired to write or have a moment to spare and work on your reports, you can easily get it out and start working. If you are a professional writer who works on a desk for a particular number of hours, you might disregard the weight or portability spec, but still this could be an added value or a plus feature for you.

Screen on Laptops for Writing

As a writer, you will need a screen with a large size and high quality resolution to help you read and navigate easily, especially when you are doing your research or working on multiple documents for long hours. 

Keyboard on Laptops for Writing

One of the most important spec for many writers is the keyboard or the buttons. You should usually try to look for one that is big and comfortable enough to make the typing easier for you. This might be very subjective from one person to another, but below, we will give you an overview of the chosen laptops’ keyboards. 

Battery Life for Laptops for Writing

For most writers, the battery life could be a deal breaker. But again, if you have a particular place that you usually write or work from, and that place is provided with a power outlet, then the battery life won’t cause you much trouble. 

Cost of Laptops for Writing

Your perfect laptop for writing or any other purposes could be one of the following examined laptops in terms of specs, but regarding the price, this could only be determined by your budget. 

The highest in terms of price between the 3 mentioned laptops is the HP Spectre 13, followed by Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon and finally Dell XPS 13. 

Now let’s move to the specific examination of each laptop in terms of the previously mentioned specs.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon as a laptop for writers:

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon – High- end model which is what we recommend on the list of best laptops for writing – runs on 8th generation Intel Core processors with up to 16 GBs of RAM and a 1TB SSD storage. Concerning graphics, it uses the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620.  

It has a starting weight of 1.13 KG, which makes it a lightweight laptop that could easily and unnoticeably fit in your backpack. It also has reasonable dimensions of 12.73” x 8.54” x 0.62” so it is considered to be a portable and on the-go laptop. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad’s starting screen has a display of 14-inch FHD, 1920 x 1080 IPS so it does the job for writers perfectly.

As usual, this laptop proved to have a great keyboard, however, it has been documented by some users that they do not like the new placement of the left control buttons.

The Lenovo ThinkPad is generally known for the insane battery life, as the X1 Carbon’s battery life could last up to 15 hours.

So overall pros and cons would be:

Pros: Battery life, great keyboard, lightweight, compact and durable. 

Cons: Low sound/audio, not the best webcam and some people do not like the new placement of the left control buttons on the keyboard. 

Dell XPS 13 as a laptop for writing:

Moving on to our second laptop Dell XPS 13, the chosen laptop on the list of best laptops for writing – starting model- of XPS 13 runs on 8th generation Intel Core processors but with up to 8 GBs of RAM and only 256 SSD storage, but it uses the Intel UHD graphics 620 with shared graphics memory. 

It has a starting weight of 1.23 KG and dimensions of 0.3″- 0.46″ x 11.9″ x 7.8″. This also falls under the category of portable and lightweight laptops. 

The XPS has screen display of 13.3″ FHD (1920×1080) with a Non-Touch InfinityEdge. It  is also considered to have an adequate screen size and the frameless feature makes it look much better than older versions. 

Concerning the keyboard, XPS has a full size keyboard with backlit chiclet keyboard; 1.3 mm travel.

Finally, concerning the battery, its non-touch model could last for more than 12 hours.

The overall pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: Keyboard and trackpad, awesome new design, lightweight and great performance.

Cons: Not the best battery life available on hand almost below average. 

HP Spectre 13 as a good laptop for writers:

The HP Spectre 13, our final laptop on the list of best laptops for writing,  also comes equipped with 8th generation Intel Core processors, its high-end models have up to 16 GBs memory of RAM and with up to 1TB SSD storage. It also uses the integrated Intel UHD graphics 620 but with no option for discrete graphics.  

It is one of a kind thin and light laptop as it is known to be “HP Thinnest Touch Laptop”, with a starting weight of 1.1KG and dimensions of 12.03 x 8.83 x 0.41 inches, the HP Spectre 13 scores highest in the size and portability features.  

It has screen display of 13.3″ FHD (1920×1080) and has 4k high resolution touch display which makes the screen looks much brighter and more dynamic. The touch screens generally help writers in editing.

Concerning the keyboard, XPS has a full size edge to edge backlit keyboard.

Finally, it has a battery life up to 11 hours but it also has the fast charge option. 

Overall pros and cons:

Pros: Thin, very light and amazing 4K display.

Cons: System becomes hot sometimes and it’s a bit overpriced. 

In Conclusion:

Usually examine and compare different laptops in terms of specs, prices and personal preference. There will always be a tradeoff but also, there are multiple options available on hand. Bottom line, choose a laptop within the range of qualities you mostly need or cannot give up on and of course one within your allotted budget. We hope this article helps you a bit in choosing your next writing laptop.

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Nourhan Alaaeldin. 

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