Best Tactical Laptop Backpacks in 2019 Helpful List

The Best Tactical Laptop Backpack in 2019

Choosing a tactical laptop backpack for your laptop might have crossed your mind multiple times. Taking into consideration the hundreds of options available in the market, this might be a bit overwhelming. In this article we will show you a list of the best “tactical laptop backpacks” and we will recommend -as usual- a couple of options for you to choose from. 

Generally, a tactical backpack was made for military and adventure purpose usage. It is well known for its strong material, durability, big size, and comfortability.  At first it was not designed for carrying around laptops, but with the dependant and regular usage of laptops, it has become crucial to include such feature in it. 

What to look for? 

There are many available options in the market for laptop tactical backpacks with a variety of features. The most important factors that you need to put into consideration while purchasing your tactical laptop backpack are: material, size, price, weather resistance, compartments, straps and MOLLE attachments. 

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We will be talking about 5 different options of tactical laptop backpacks in the upcoming paragraphs. 

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault Backpack Is our first tactical laptop backpack on our list :

The bag has many great options. First of all, it has a big size, so it fits those who carry around large items or laptops. It is made of  600D PVC nylon material which is a rigid material but still allows the bag to be comfortable enough for users. The material provides the bag with weather resistance and durability so it is perfect for in/outdoors circumstances. It also has a very reasonable price compared to its high quality.  

The 3V Gear also has many compartments but this does not take away space from the main storage. It also has MOLLE attachment system, which allows users to carry around additional items by simply attaching them through the MOLLE system, without taking away the main space of the bag. 

It also comes in awesome nylon zippers, for users to reach out for their large belongings easily and quickly. The bag is fitted with durable and very comfortable straps that allows different adjustments for different user preferences and body types. 

Finally, the bag allows users to carry it for long periods of time while staying comfortable as the back panel or cover is provided with molded EVA and is well ventilated. 

Pros: durable and comfortable material, flexible straps, big size, reasonable price, and MOLLE attachments. 

Cons: bulky (a bit) and the rigid nylon material may not be preferred by everyone (could be a bit uncomfortable). 

KAKA Tactical Large Backpack: Our second tactical laptop backpack on our list :

Our second option is the KAKA tactical backpack. It is well known for its large size as it could fit up to 17 inch laptops along with other items. So it is basically made for those who want to carry around their electronic gadgets. 

It is made of a very durable and comfortable material which is the Terylene and has also waterproof lines to keep your items dry, however the main material is not waterproof or weather resistant. 

It does not have so many compartments, keeping space for its one main compartment. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your usage and needs. 

Pros: durable, comfortable, lined with a waterproof material and a big size for carrying large laptops. 

Cons: no MOLLE attachments, main material is not weather resistant so it’s not the best for outdoors circumstances. 

SUNVP Tactical Military Sling Pack:

The most unique military bag. The bag has a very convenient size, so it’s perfect and most practical for outdoor adventure activities like hiking, climbing, and others. But it is also good for everyday activities. 

It has a triangular shape and a shoulder strap that makes the bag perfect for any use. It also has a velcro straps for even more convenience and options in usage. The strap can adjust easily to fit any body size or type. 

It has lots of small compartments along with its main large one. It could fit up to 14 inch laptop along with other daily items. The bag is made of a durable material (600D nylon) which is also weather-resistant so it is perfect for outdoor activities. The zippers are not made with the highest quality material, however, some people report that they are too weak. 

The bag also has many MOLLE attachments, however they are sold separately. 

Pros: good shape, big size, MOLLE attachments, adjustable straps and a durable material. 

Cons: weak zippers, shoulder style might not fit if you are carrying heavy items, MOLLE attachments sold separately, and the many compartments option takes away from the main size of the bag.  

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Navigator Laptop Bag: 

This bag particularly has a different shape than all of the others on the list. It looks like a traditional laptop bag rather than a tactical backpack. The bag looks like a hand-bag but actually it is provided with 2 shoulder backpack straps, to help in carrying it around. Those 2 straps could be stored in the back of the bag in a separate compartment made for them.
Overall look and feel makes it perfect for everyday usage. 

The bag is made of a rugged with water-resistant material PVC lines, so do not worry about your stored  items. 

The Red Rock comes with 12 additional compartments but also with detachable dividers for more flexibility. You can have one large compartment or you can make up the combination that fits your needs the most. The bag also comes with a padded area made for your laptop storage and has a MOLLE webbing throughout for carrying around your additional items. 

Pros: customizable compartments, good material, MOLLE attachments, and fits your usage for outdoor activities. 

Cons: It is considered to be a relatively small bag especially when compared to tactical backpacks. It would not be the best option if you are looking for an outdoor activities’ bag or an adventure pal. 

Seibertron Waterproof Tactical Laptop Backpack: 

Our fifth and coolest choice is the Seibertron Waterproof Laptop Backpack. This is a typical military backpack. Its overall look and feel gives you that vibe but with a modern touch. 

Firstly, It has a relatively good price, so if you have an average budget, it could be a good option. 

Moreover, it has a main large compartment where you can store your 14 inch laptop and other items like your documents, notebooks and others. It also has additional small compartments and a side pocket for your smaller daily items. 

It is made of totally rugged and totally waterproof material , so it is durable and with high quality. Hence, it is very good for outdoor activities and circumstances. 

It has multiple MOLLE attachments for even more space and its shoulder straps are adjustable for any size or body type.

Pros: Appealing and stylish look, big size, durable and high quality material, and has multiple MOLLE attachments.  

Cons: Low quality zippers and only 1.5 strap width which affects comfortability factor especially when the bag is heavy. 

Hope you can make a good decision now! 

Written by: Nourhan Alaaeldin. 

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