Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack in 2019 Helpful List

Are you looking for the Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack? If yes then read on, if not then Imagine heading out of your workplace or home and it’s raining outside. You got your to-go necessities; keys, wallet, smart- phone and needless to say your laptop. You would definitely need something to secure your belongings and especially your laptop from that rainy weather. That’s when you will need the perfect Waterproof Laptop Backpack and that’s why this article will help you out in choosing the most suitable one for you. 

What to look for?

There are various types and different options of Waterproof Laptop Backpacks out there in the market, but what exactly do you need to look for before purchasing one? 

Mainly you need to consider the material, look carefully for a high quality material with reliable straps for durability. Needless to say this material should be waterproof and preferably not water resistant to keep your stuff dry all the time. Also, make sure that the bag has an internal and external waterproof layers for better protection of your laptop and other items, because some bags are only waterproof from the outside and not the inside. 

Another thing is the padding, whether its internal or external or both, padding usually provides better protection for your belongings and supports your back if you hold the bag for long hours. 

Moreover, you need to consider the number of compartments and pockets included in the bag, but that will entirely depend on your needs as a user. 

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Recommendations on Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Moving on to our list of recommendations, below there are 5 different options of Waterproof Backpacks that we believe are the best available options in the market. 

Timbuk2 Spire waterproof Backpack

First of all, the Timbuk which is made of 630D Oxford Nylon material which is proved to be a high quality and durable material. The bag is also provided with a water-resistant TPU and a canvas fabric to secure your inner belongings from water. 

The bag has strong adjustable shoulder straps along with a chest strap to keep you comfortable all the time even when you are carrying heavy items inside. It also has external attachment system where you can attach external items without taking a space from your inside storage. 

The Timbuk Backpack is considered to be a stylish waterproof backpack that provides an unlimited number of compartments with secured zippers that enable you as a user to carry as much as different items as you want. You can carry up to 15’ inch laptop, a tablet, and your everyday small items like a wallet, keys, cables and so forth. 

Pros: High quality material, many compartments including a back zipper access, and a rolled top.

Cons: Not fully waterproof, water resistant only so it is not made for extreme rainy conditions. 

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Grey and Dark Blue. 

Feskin Slim Business Backpack

Our second option is Feskin Slim Business Backpack which has the perfect combination of a fashionable design, high-quality, durable and lightweight material. The bag is mainly made of Oxford material with faux leather additions, metal zippers and buckles that gives it a premium look. 

Feskin has a limited space relative to other laptop bags, but it could fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop along with other small items like a notebook, book, or some documents. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder straps to fit any body type or size and also has a total of 7 pockets for smaller items (front and sides). 

The bag is so slim so it is perfect for daily use, business meetings, short trips and school or college. 

Pros: Stylish design, water resistant, dustproof, has many pockets, slim and lightweight. 

Cons: Small inner space, and thin padding. 

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and Green. 

KAKA 2070 Travel Backpack 

Our third option on the list is the KAKA 2070 Travel Backpack or the Multifunctional backpack. The bag is made particularly for travelers or hikers as it has an enormous size, lightweight and durable material. KAKA is made of water and scratch- resistant Oxford material with polyester lining and has a has a capacity up to 40 L with a dedicated laptop space. The multifunctional feature means that the bag could be used in many shapes such as a shoulder bag, a backpack, a travel bag, or a carryall bag. 

The bag also has strong mesh-padded shoulder straps, chest, and hips belts which makes it easier for you to carry the bag around while it is so heavy. Those straps and belts are adjustable to any size or body type. 

Furthermore, the bag has smooth zippers, and a total of 10 pockets including network pockets on the sides. Finally, It has a password protected lock for more security. 

Pros: Multifunctional, password lock, and large space. 

Cons: Water resistant only, a bit bulky, and heavy. 

Available Colors: Black, Army Green, and Camouflage. 

Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack 

Moving on to our next option, Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack which is another slim and convenient size backpack that could do the job if you are looking for a daily-use backpack. 

The bag has many features, starting with the material, the Kopack is made of water-resistant and scratch proof nylon with high quality and durable PU fabric to keep your inner belongings safe and dry. But you need to consider that the PU fabric does not prevent water from leaking inside the bag if it is exposed to heavy rain for long hours. Moreover, the bag has secured zippers and a good inner size compartment that could fit up to a 15.6 inch laptop. 

Furthermore, it is provided with a reflective strip which is highly recommended if you ride a bike or motorcycle for other car drivers to see you visible at night. Also, the Kopack has a hidden pocket at the back of it, commonly named “Anti-theft Pocket”. 

It also has an adjustable strong padded shoulder straps with a luggage belt and a bag handle. The bag also comes equipped with a padded back panel, and an external USB charge port. 

Pros: Water resistant, USB charge port, fashionable design, durable material, secured zippers, and reflective strap. 

Cons: Not so many compartments and not waterproof. 

Available Colors: Black and Grey. 

SakGear BriefSak laptop backpack

Our final option is the SakGear BriefSak which is not a backpack but a full waterproof laptop bag. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap but could be carried around through its handy top handle. 

The bag is made of 500-denier PVC which is a high quality, durable and waterproof material. The SakGear is considered to be 100% waterproof from its internal main compartment to its external small pockets. 

The bag has a relatively good amount of pockets and an overall convenient space that could take from 15 inch laptop (regular size bag)  up to a 17 inch laptop (extra-large size bag). Finally, the bag has a removable padded organizer to help organize your items and protect them. 

Pros: 100% waterproof, fits 17 inch laptops. 

Cons: Not a backpack, and not so stylish design. 

Colors Available: Black, Grey, and Blue.  

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