Eluktronics Mech G3 Ultra

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  • It comes with RTX 3070 GPU, You can check the following link to see how the  RTX 3070  GPU  (scroll down for the FPs and settings expected or ctrl+f then type the name of your game).
  • https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3070-Mobile-GPU-Benchmarks-and-Specs.497451.0.html
  •  The outer shell is made almost entirely out of metal.
  •  Keyboard is mechanical with RGB backlit.
  •  It has 3 USB type A, Ethernet, and mic and headphone jack and on the back an HDMI, and USB type C.
  •  Screen is QHD IPS with 165Hz refresh rate, with impressively small bezels, and a professional design.
  •  Lid can’t be open with one hand.
  •  Fans get loud under intensive work, but that is normal with every good gaming laptop.
  •  Plenty of upgrade options as the chassis supports up to 64GB of ram, and 2 SSDs and 1 HDD.
  •  Heat management is great, it can get hot but it gets cool again pretty quickly once the fans kick in.
  •  Main con of the laptop is the trackpad, it is mediocre at best when you compare it to other laptops in the price range.
  •  Battery life during normal usage is around 3.5-4.5 hours and 1.5 hour during gaming.
  •  Speakers are down facing so during gaming, it is best to wear headphone since the fan gets loud during gaming as well.

Click here to check its price on Amazon

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