About us

Hey guys, This the about us page so I guess I should talk a little about us 🙂

My name is Beshoy (very unique right ?), and I am the laptop legend, hence the name laptoplegend.com

I am 24 years old (I was when I started this website now I am almost 28) and as per my parents I have one big problem which is I am addicted to all things gaming 🙂

I have spent hundreds of dollars towards anything gaming you can think of.

Weather it is Gaming laptop, Gaming mouse, Gaming Keyboard and of course actual games and in games purchases.

And this website is no different, I am here to talk about best gaming laptops for all budgets, weather you are looking for a gaming laptop under 1000 or under 700,800,500, I will be covering all of that (soon).

I will make an article for each budget with maybe top 10, or Top 5 depending on the market and the actual gaming laptops available and recently my team is joined by the very hard working Nourhan Alaaeldin (You will see her name on each of articles) here is her LinkedIn profile if you are interested

I am also planning to expand the website in the future to be about all things laptop hence the name

I will branch out slowly but surely.

Since I am well aware about all the technical terms of a laptop it should be able to help you make a smart decision about buying the best gaming laptop for your money.

I will be using several metrics to determine which is best laptop, between specs, price, durability, quality, cooling, and over all quality.

Hope you enjoy the ride with me and of course any comments, feedback, or questions are always welcome.